Plant a tree at Swinney Wood

The “Plant a Tree” Initiative at Swinney Wood Log Cabins

The “Plant a Tree” Initiative at Swinney Wood Log Cabins

At the heart of Swinney Wood Log Cabins lies a profound appreciation for nature and its endless wonders. Echoing this sentiment, we’re proud to share our ‘Plant a Tree’ initiative with our cherished guests.

When booking your luxurious escape at Swinney Wood, you have the chance to make a lasting impact. With a donation of five pounds, a tree will find its roots in our beloved woodland, becoming a symbol of growth, sustainability, and hope for the future.

This winter, during our dedicated planting week, these saplings will be nurtured into the ground, each one standing as a testament to your generous commitment to our environment. We invite you to follow this journey on social media, celebrating each step and the broader green strides we continue to make.

Our commitment extends beyond this initiative. Over time, we’ve enriched our landscape with more than 700 native tree species and 1500 hedging plants. Birdsong fills the air, thanks to our bird and bat boxes, owl and bird of prey nesting boxes. Bug and butterfly houses, along with bird feeders, are dispersed throughout, ensuring a bustling wildlife community. The diverse creatures that inhabit Swinney Wood are a testament to our dedication to preserving this natural sanctuary.

It’s not just about the stay; it’s about leaving with a deeper appreciation and connection to the world around us. For more on our ‘Plant a Tree’ initiative and how you can be a part of this green journey, please explore the dedicated page on our website: Swinney Wood’s Plant a Tree Initiative. Together, let’s cultivate a brighter, greener future.

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