Celebrating Women in Business: Behind the Scenes at Swinney Wood Log Cabins

Celebrating Women in Business: Behind the Scenes at Swinney Wood Log Cabins

At Swinney Wood Log Cabins, we don’t just believe in collaboration; we treasure the harmony that comes from women lifting each other up in business. During our recent photoshoot, this ethos was beautifully showcased. The entire talented team behind the scenes was comprised of enterprising women who, with their unique businesses and expertise, breathed life into our vision.

  • Model: Kezia from @the_lawrencegrahams
  • Bridal Gown by: Becky from @moderndaybridal
  • Hair by: Louise of @allamoda_bridal
  • Makeup by: Georgia of @allamoda_bridal
  • Flowers by: Beverley from @floraline_belper
  • Cheeseboard by: Jess of @cromfordmillcheeseshop
  • Catering by: Rachael from @rachaelssecret
  • Venue Decor provided by: Gemma of @gemmawhiteweddingsandevents
  • Venue set up by: Katy @katygunter243
  • Venue set up by: Hannah @hlanigan19
  • Photography by: Lianne of @foyetography_weddings
  • Venue operated by: myself, Rebecca from @swinneywoodlogcabins

In a world that often pits women against each other, it’s moments like these that remind us of the magic we can create when we choose to lift each other up. When women support women, it’s not just an act of solidarity but a potent blend of combined talent, creativity, and spirit. We transform from individuals into a powerhouse of innovation, tenacity, and passion.

Our recent collaboration wasn’t just a showcase of talents but a testament to the power of female entrepreneurship and mutual respect. Here’s to celebrating the determination and strength of women in business. May we always recognise the boundless potential that comes from joining forces, and may we continue to rise, inspire, and shine together.

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