Plant a Tree at
Swinney Wood

Growing Together at Swinney Wood

In the lush embrace of Swinney Wood Log Cabins, the thriving woodland does more than decorate the horizon. It’s a breathing, living ecosystem that invites our guests into a world where tranquility reigns and nature unfolds its many wonders. Our Plant a Tree initiative is an open invitation for you to make an impact, to become a part of this lively scene, and to assist in its flourishing.

Your participation is elegantly simple, yet profoundly impactful. A donation of £5 ensures a tree will be planted in our cherished woodland, and there’s no limit to the contributions you can make. Every additional tree strengthens the tapestry of our environment, weaving a future where our woodland thrives for generations to come.

The Annual Ritual of Planting

Each winter, as the cool air nestles into the boughs of Swinney Wood, we embark on our tree-planting week, a time where new life is sown into the rich, frost-touched soil.

The saplings, funded by your generous donations, find their roots in our woodland, beginning a journey that will see them mature, providing shelter and sustenance to the inhabitants of the forest and capturing the carbon that fills our atmosphere.

The updates of this growth journey are shared through heartfelt stories and images on our website and social media, keeping you connected with the life your donation has brought into the world.

Beyond the Seedling: A Continuous Impact

As each tree grows, it becomes a crucial player in battling climate change, absorbing carbon dioxide, and breathing out oxygen that nurtures all life.

These trees become homes, shelters, and food sources for numerous wildlife, supporting and enhancing biodiversity in Swinney Wood.

Furthermore, your donated trees become a living testament to the beauty and vitality of nature, offering aesthetic and environmental value that will be appreciated by visitors and nature alike for decades, perhaps even centuries, to come.